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Working Through Harrisonburg Fire Damage In Several Phases

1/5/2023 (Permalink)

B&A fire damages trusses and room Have a fire damaged home in Harrisonburg? Call SERVPRO to make it appear "Like it never even happened."

Needed Restoration After Fire Damages

Across the nation, it is estimated that more than 350,000 house fires occur every year. Varying degrees of damage might not always warrant the full designation of a structure fire, but the frequency of these emergencies requires our SERVPRO team to stay prepared.

To recover after Harrison residential fire and smoke damage in a residence, our responding technicians must offer:

  • Emergency Services – The first step our team can take in disaster relief is protecting the structure and its contents through pre-inspection board-up, air filtration, and debris removal.
  • Mitigative Strategies – Mitigation follows emergency services and coincides with a detailed record of the damage to the property and the necessary steps to restore the residence. From water removal to content management, mitigation is a critical process.
  • Cleaning Needs – Surface cleaning and soot removal are one of the universal needs after a fire. We have powerful cleaners and solvents to help achieve this. 
  • Repairing the Structure – Structure fires are known for their destructive impact on the building. Combustion creates situations where extensive build-back services are necessary to return a property to preloss condition.

Harrisonburg fire damage events require a team of restoration professionals capable of making fast changes and navigating hundreds of restoration questions and obstacles. From the first notice of loss, our SERVPRO professionals are beginning to provide necessary restoration and mitigation solutions.

Can Emergency Services Help Fire Damaged Homes?

Emergency services are a combination of the earliest efforts to prevent situations like structural collapse or hazardous conditions for occupants or responding technicians. The urgency of these actions often has them preceding pre-job scoping.

How Does Fire Damage Mitigation Occur?

Mitigation is one of the more critical restoration phases, as it seeks to resolve pressing concerns that threaten the structure and its occupants. This can include the careful management of damaged contents and personal belongings. Mitigative actions can also describe needed efforts for removing water after extinguishment.

Focused Cleaning After Fire Damage

Cleaning is a way to return a property to its original condition. There are dozens of proven approaches, much of which are created to overcome formidable effects like soot and smoke damage.

  • Removing Smoke Soils and Soot – Residues can be a difficult obstacle to overcome, especially in wet environments. We have multiple products to help emulsify or dissolve soil deposits. 
  • Deep Carpet Cleaning – Hot water extraction cleaning breaks sediment loose at the base of carpeted flooring and removes it with the high-powered onboard vacuum.
  • Deodorization – We must also work to eliminate overwhelming and offensive odors that have developed in the living space. These smells do not naturally dissipate, so direct action with deodorants and neutralizing tools is necessary.

Post-Fire Build-Back Services

Structures fires can be disruptive and destructive. Damage to construction materials and the house assemblies is expected, so we arrive with experienced professionals that can help. We have a general contractor license to perform needed build-back services after home fire damage. From the initially controlled demolition to the reinstallation of missing structural elements to return a property to its original condition, we can seamlessly transition to repairs and reconstruction after restoration.

Harrisonburg fire damage can result from many different sources, making it vital to have experienced professionals ready to respond at all times. We are preferred insurance vendors to complete damage claim work for homes and businesses. Give our SERVPRO of Rockingham and Augusta Counties team a call when you need us at (540) 433-6100.

Mitigating and Restoring Harrisonburg Water Damage

1/5/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO water damage equipment sitting on a hardwood floor SERVPRO's advanced equipment mitigates the water damage in Harrisonburg homes "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Responds Fast to Water Damage Concerns

Urgent action is necessary for many situations involving water and leaks in your home. Mitigation is vital to protecting the property and its contents from the irreparable harm resulting from unresolved water emergencies. Initial actions to recover residences after disasters can include:

  • Water Removal
  • Content Cleaning
  • Controlled Demolition
  • Mold Prevention

No mitigation for Harrisonburg water damage is efficient without getting the process started as soon as possible. Because each of these elements is unique to the overall restoration of a house, SERVPRO professionals can respond at the first notice of loss with our Green Fleet of service vehicles, production trucks, and trailered equipment. 

Focusing on Rapid Containment

Containment is one of the first actions that our professionals will take after situations like burst pipes or water leaks. Protecting areas of the house not yet damaged by migrating moisture and standing water concerns is essential. While physical barriers can be partially responsible for stopping water movement in the home, mitigating steps like water removal services instantly benefit the property and at-risk building materials.

Needed Extraction Solutions

Water removal services provide the most trackable and recognizable impact to improve conditions in a structure after water emergencies. Eliminating surface water is the utmost priority for our team, as prolonged exposures can compromise structural integrity, cosmetic quality, or allow secondary effects like mold. Tools used include:

  • Submersibles - These machines are meant to be dropped into standing water and use high-pressure vacuum systems to pull water through the unit and discharge it to a designated point. 
  • Vacuums - These portable extractors eliminate surface water when it is only a couple of inches in depth or less. The versatility of vacuums makes them a preferred water removal tool. 
  • Special Tools - When vacuums and pumps are no longer effective, specialty tools like weighted extractors and light wands help when water becomes trapped.

Effective Drying for the Structure

Much like extraction, drying requires several tools and approaches to be successful. Our SERVPRO IICRC-certified professionals rapidly evaluate environmental conditions and the state of impacted building materials to provide the best solutions for issues like:

  • Wet Surfaces - Surface water is among the easiest to target and resolve. Air movers and portable heaters are essential tools for the effective evaporation of wet surfaces. We can daisy chain multiple air movers together to lessen the need for available outlets.
  • Trapped Water - Water can migrate through the property quickly, infiltrating areas like structural cavities and becoming trapped. Weep holes allow for drainage and airflow, but it will be positive and negative pressure systems to have a direct impact on this threat.
  • Saturation Damage - Prolonged moisture exposure to porous materials leads to absorption concerns. Drying mats and other evaporative equipment can help pull moisture to the surface for extraction. This is especially effective with wood flooring water damage, allowing us to protect planks from becoming distorted or warping when water chemically alters the molecular composition.

Is SERVPRO Ready for Repairs and Build-Back?

Our general contractor license is among the main advantages of looking to SERVPRO for post-water damage repairs and restoration. Because these emergencies typically require rebuilding or reconstructing impacted areas, this experienced division of our roster seamlessly transitions to post-restoration construction.

Harrisonburg water damage incidents require swift action from experienced restoration professionals. As leading restorers for the large service region we represent, we are a trusted name to help in an emergency to make it "Like it never even happened." Give our SERVPRO of Rockingham and Augusta Counties team a call at (540) 433-6100.

SERVPRO Remediates and Repairs Harrisonburg Mold Damage

1/5/2023 (Permalink)

trained and professional experts caption with a male SERVPRO puppet SERVPRO's professionally trained and equipped team offer top-notch mold damage remediation for our Harrisonburg area customers.

Better Understanding Mold Damage

It can be alarming when you suspect mold is growing in your home. In many situations, the presence of mold can be destructive and overwhelming for those living with its effects. No matter how these conditions came about

What Many Believe About Mold

Harrisonburg mold damage events can be a concerning development, especially when you do not fully understand microbial growth and its impact on your residence. It is important to discredit bad information commonly found through search engine queries regarding how to proceed with mold remediation:

  • Is Total Mold Removal Even Possible? - Many companies claim to remove mold completely, but this is not possible. Spores occur naturally in most environments. Remediation like SERVPRO completes targets threatening organisms growing on surfaces.
  • When Does Mold Dissipate on its Own? - Mold does not go away naturally in most cases. Instead, direct action is needed to clean surfaces and prevent recurring moisture.
  • Should You Consider DIY Cleaning? - Remediation is intricate and challenging for its many moving parts, so DIY cleaning is not efficient or productive.

Fast Response for Active Mold Damage

One advantage of SERVPRO for remediation and mold removal is our fast response in an emergency. We arrive with IICRC-certified AMRT-applied microbial remediation technicians. The suspicion of mold should be enough to contact experienced professionals like ours to inspect the property and determine the next steps if necessary. From the time we arrive, we have several objectives to help minimize the invasiveness of remediation and protect your property, including:

  • Containing the Organism – Containment of mold spores is a physical construct and equipment that stops migrating organisms from finding new hosting materials.
  • Cleaning Personal Belongings – Contents can also be impacted by moisture and mold, making surface cleaning a critical step in protecting personal belongings from harm.
  • Evaluating Structural Elements – Inspecting structural elements hosting mold can be important to determine where demolition or repairs could be needed.
  • Removing Water and Moisture – Moisture is the catalyst of mold development, so relative humidity and surface moisture must be addressed to prevent further colonization.

Residential Remediation Solutions

Choosing the right strategies for removing active colonies in your home is not universal and the same every time. Even when mold damage is discovered early, SERVPRO remediators must choose the preferred antimicrobial product for surface cleaning. Our professionals carefully evaluate the situation for the most efficient approaches.

Deodorization Solutions for Musty Smells

Another one of the many threats that linger after mold exposure in homes and businesses is the musty smell. Volatile organic compounds create an offensive odor that can help identify active colonies early but continue to impact a household. Cleaning can reduce the severity of these malodors, but air scrubbers, foggers, and hydroxyl machines have the most direct effect.

Are SERVPRO Technicians Ready for Large Loss Restoration?

With the number of businesses in Harrisonburg and the counties we serve, professionals of our team must stay ready for larger restoration and remediation projects. Commercial properties like warehouses, restaurants, and office buildings can have a sizable area damaged by the presence of mold. Our training and trailered equipment allow us to manage structural concerns, developed colonies, and the steps to get your business back open.

The Needed Repairs After Mold Damage

Mold often does not threaten homes and businesses in the counties we serve without some structural damage. Because building materials are often the hosting element for the colonies, it is natural to expect degradation and deterioration of these sources. Our general contractor license can help by allowing our experienced team to perform actions like controlled demolition, material replacement, and full reconstruction where necessary.

Harrisonburg mold damage impacts properties in multiple ways. SERVPRO of Rockingham and Augusta Counties remediation professionals are uniquely trained to recover structural damage, remove active colonies, and protect the house against future mold development. Give our responders a call today at (540) 433-6100.

Dealing with Water Damage in Harrisonburg Properties

1/4/2023 (Permalink)

Moisture Reader Regardless the magnitude of water damage our technicians provide complete water removal services, including extraction, cleaning, drying, & repairs.

Impactful Water Restoration in a Harrisonburg Home

Light rain storms are mostly relaxing, especially during the weekends, as you cozy up next to the fireplace with delicious treats and a good book. But heavy rains and storms can ruin all that excitement. Nothing is more discouraging than a leaking roof or window that damps your floors.

One structural area that can trigger costly water damage in a Harrisonburg home after an intense storm is the roof. One crack on the roof can allow moisture to penetrate the home’s attic and top floors leading to further internal damage to your ceilings and walls. The moisture may cause the wood on the roof or attic floor to rot, destabilizing the structure. Wet wood with sheetrock attached acts as a moisture reservoir. When the sheetrock is not dried quickly, it may crack and fall apart, leaving a hole in your ceiling. SERVPRO responds quickly to water damage incidents helping you avoid costly repairs through mitigation.

Simple actions to minimize the damaging effects of moisture:

  • Cleaning gutters regularly
  • Repairing loose shingles
  • Sealing basements

Heavy rains can flood the basement. The moisture can seep through unsealed windows before finding a way to the basement. The ground surrounding your home should slope downward away from the foundation. If not, the rainwater can puddle around your home, causing moisture to seep into the ground and crack the foundation. Water can leak through the cracks in your basement, damaging any stored items significantly.

Hidden dangers of moisture in the basement:

  • Electrical threats
  • Mold
  • Structural damage

Suppose water enters your home during heavy rains. In that case, whether in the basement or crawl space, SERVPRO of Rockingham and Augusta Counties provides efficient water damage cleanup and improves ventilation throughout the home to minimize mold growth. Call us at (540) 433-6100. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Water Restoration in Your Harrisonburg Residence is Better with SERVPRO

12/13/2022 (Permalink)

Water Leak on Tile SERVPRO understands how important your home is. Let us help you out.

Get a Professional for Water Restoration in Harrisonburg

Home maintenance is a homeowner's most considerable responsibility regarding repairs, remodeling, and even protection against disasters. However, dealing with water damage is more challenging. When left untreated and unchecked, it increases the chances of weakening the structural integrity of a house.

SERVPRO has a fully equipped group of vehicles for water restoration in affected Harrisonburg homes. The damage can come from the outside of the house or the inside. Damage can also happen because of water entering a house due to faulty structures. On the other hand, interior water damage may result from leaks and cracks in fixtures, appliances, and systems like plumbing, shower, and bathtubs.

For SERVPRO technicians to complete the restoration process in the best way possible, we take several steps, including the following: 

  • Performing an inspection to evaluate the damage.
  • Water mitigation to reduce the amount of damage that can happen to your home.
  • Drying and dehumidification to eliminate water vapor.
  • Deodorization to remove unpleasant odors. 

Our initial steps mainly involve extracting standing water and removing affected items and materials from the house to restore the salvageable ones and dispose of the rest. After this, we ensure that our technicians' work site is safe. This process involves combining different techniques and equipment, depending on the situation. Some of the equipment our SERVPRO team can use in this stage include dehumidifiers, hydroxyl generators, and disinfectants to kill airborne microorganisms.

When we complete the restoration, SERVPRO can install additional ventilation systems to ensure the air is always fresh. We can also install flooring materials that can withstand moisture and apply mold-resistant paints to safeguard your house's safety in case a disaster strikes again.

Contact SERVPRO of Rockingham and Augusta Counties at (540) 433-6100 for efficient water removal services. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

SERVPRO is Among the Premier Mold Removal Companies in Harrisonburg

11/2/2022 (Permalink)

moldy Wall Corner Looking for a restoration company? Look no further, SERVPRO is just a call away at (540) 433-6100.

How Mold Removal Companies in Harrisonburg Help Homeowners 

Mold is a problem that comes up after water damage. It affects the aesthetic appeal of the affected materials and can cause bad odors on your property or impact overall indoor air quality. Mold can be difficult to control. That’s why you need help from professional restorers.

The cleaning step is vital to deter mold growth, but you also need a detailed inspection of your home. SERVPRO is one of the leading mold removal companies in Harrisonburg. Trusting us to remediate the mold can ensure you do not have to handle such an issue in the future. The signs of mold in a home include:

  • Visible mold
  • Warped materials
  • Water damage
  • Musty odors
  • Rust

Our SERVPRO technicians can take several steps to remediate mold. They include: 

Identifying the Water Issue

Identifying and repairing the water problem that caused mold growth is critical. Moisture offers mold spores the ideal environment to grow. Our team can eliminate the moisture problem using water removal tools. 


After removing the water source, our team can isolate the affected area to prevent mold from spreading to unaffected areas of your home. We can seal windows or other openings to isolate the area. 

Removing Ruined Materials 

We can remove affected porous materials like carpets, insulation, and drywall. Our SERVPRO team can carefully bag up the affected materials and dispose of them properly. 


Our team can spray the affected area with biocides so that the mold does not reproduce. During application, we use methods and quantities that allow the solution to contact all the contaminated surfaces and materials. We can use a HEPA vacuum to trap and filter small particles from non-porous surfaces and keep them contained for disposal.


To eliminate moisture, we can dry all affected materials. We can use air movers to increase evaporation at the surface level and dehumidifiers to remove water vapor from the air. 

If you are worried about mold in your property, SERVPRO of Rockingham and Augusta Counties is there to help you remediate it. Call us today at (540) 433-6100.

SERVPRO Delivers Fire Damage Restoration Services in Harrisonburg

9/2/2022 (Permalink)

Soot on a Wall After Fire With advanced equipment, SERVPRO restores property to pre-damaged conditions, "Like it never even happened."

Put SERVPRO on Your Fire Damage Restoration Team in Harrisonburg

A successful business operating in Harrisonburg knows it takes a team to succeed. Employees, suppliers, shippers, financial support, and loyal customers are team players and stakeholders that help you succeed and grow your business. Recovering from a disaster like a fire also takes a team approach to ensure that your business recovers and returns to full operation as quickly as possible.

SERVPRO has assisted many commercial clients in Harrisonburg with fire damage restoration. We work closely with the client, their insurance company, and the adjuster, providing cleanup after a fire and coordinating trades such as electricians, plumbers, flooring, drywall, and many others to help our customers return to operation as quickly as possible. We can also help with temporary arrangements during the repair and restoration phase.

We respond within four hours from your call on a 24/7 basis. Our technicians assess the damage and, in conjunction with our clients and their insurance adjuster, formulate a fire damage restoration plan to begin recovery from the fire. Every fire event is different, and our restoration work is customized for each situation. Our activities may include the removal of fire-damaged products and structures, smoke residue removal and odor removal, cleaning, and staging goods, materials that can be saved, etc.

SERVPRO coordinates an extensive building and reconstruction team that is available to address our customers' needs. With SERVPRO coordinating these activities, trades, and professionals, your business can be returned to full service quickly, saving time and managing your recovery costs.

The fire damage restoration services include the following:

  • Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration and Cleanup
  • Smoke Remediation
  • Water and Fire Damage Restoration

Call SERVPRO of Rockingham and Augusta Counties for commercial fire damage restoration services. We provide service to Harrisonburg and nearby areas. We can help 24/7. Call (540) 433-6100.

Setting a Drying Goal for Flood Damage in Harrisonburg Shops

8/3/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo SERVPRO commercial damage restoration services are top-notch. We are here to help.

Establishing Timelines for Flood Damage Restoration

From the time disasters first strike shops and stores, it is essential to get professionals moving to help. Flooding can be destructive, and our SERVPRO team has effective products and techniques to protect:

  • Inventory
  • Equipment
  • Furniture
  • Soft Materials
  • Flooring

How Damaged Is the Shop?

An early inspection of the flood damage in Harrisonburg shops can help to determine what must be done to overcome these threats. Because water is one of the most destructive properties of the flooding your business might suffer, we can track moisture movement to see where hidden damp caches might exist in wall systems or flooring. Fully learning the scope of the damage can help create a more accurate estimation and drying goal.

Calculated Drying

A significant component to setting and keeping drying estimates for your property is carefully placing air movers and other drying equipment. We have hundreds of air movers in our inventory, allowing us to meet the Large Loss needs of stores and other commercial properties. Initial estimations are based on calculations made by our crew chief about the best placement of evaporative drying tools and connected water removal instruments.

Documenting and Tracking Progress

Perhaps the most important aspect of setting and keeping a drying goal is continually monitoring the progress of drying tools and reporting findings to related parties. Tracking the effectiveness of air movers and dehumidifiers helps determine when movement is needed or when additional units could benefit the business. Ultimately, it is the focus of SERVPRO restorers to provide the most efficient and satisfactory results.

When a disaster threatens your business, you want to know when you can expect the doors to open again. Since some shops never reopen after flood damage, our SERVPRO of Rockingham and Augusta Counties team prioritizes immediate action to protect the structure and your inventory from irreparable harm. Call us now at (540) 433-6100.

Harrisonburg Warehouse Water Removal Tools for Large Loss Events

8/3/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO state of the art sign Commercial water damage restoration is no easy task. Call SERVPRO for fast and immediate service.

Effective Water Removal Tools

Choosing the right extraction and water removal tools for Large Loss scenarios is vital. Our fast response can get mitigation started quickly, and our knowledge to select the right tools can keep your warehouse safer from irreparable harm.

Identifying the Source of the Damage

To begin water removal in Harrisonburg warehouses and production facilities, SERVPRO must identify the source of the disaster. Stopping continued water flow into the work area is critical to managing the mitigative processes.

Truck-Mount Extraction

Powerful extraction is vital to remove surface water surrounding equipment and wares in the building. When several inches of water are in the work areas, SERVPRO turns to the extraction workhorse in our Green Fleet - the truck-mount extractor. This engine-driven pump can effectively move hundreds of gallons of standing water a minute, rapidly managing pressing concerns. Additionally, technicians can run the unit with additional attachments such as:

  • Weighted Extraction
  • Carpet Wands
  • Squeegee Wands

Portable Wet Vacuums

Wet vacuums are the most portable and versatile of all extraction and water removal tools in our inventory. Not only do these units manage standing water independently, but you can also utilize several attachments like carpet wands to improve their focused water removal further. Wet vacuums can be moved easily from one work site to the next, allowing fast and continuous extraction.

Tools for Special Circumstances

We have multiple tools for specific water removal needs, such as weighted extractors and carpet wands for wet carpeted floors. Similarly, drying mats can be effective to use on wood and vinyl flooring installed in the offices of the warehouse. If water remains trapped, it can lead to mold development, so our SERVPRO team works fast to overcome these risks.

Water removal can be a complex service we provide, especially with Large Loss needs. There are several tools related to this process to remove as much water as possible from the warehouse to restore the structure fully. Give our SERVPRO of Rockingham and Augusta Counties a call when your business suffers water damage at (540) 433-6100.

Cleaning Staunton Home Smoke Damages During Fire Restoration

8/3/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO here to help sign Fire damage restoration for your home is no DIY task. SERVPRO will be on-site within 4 hours of the initial call.

Smoke Damage Requires Prompt Fire Restoration

Resolving smoke issues is one of the priorities of post-fire recovery. To determine the best approach for cleaning and restoration, SERVPRO professionals must investigate the source of the disaster and evaluate the type of smoke damage left behind. Typically, Rockingham and Augusta County homes experience three types of smoke damage:

  • Dry Smoke Residues
  • Wet Smoke/Moist Soils
  • Protein Residues

Dry Residues

Residual deposits are a common byproduct of combustion. High heat fires produce the thinnest and most far-spread effects. Despite being light residues, permanent fire damage in Staunton can still result without the right tools. We have chemical sponges to trap soils on the surface and protect the impacted building materials. Dry vacuuming before the sponge cleaning can also improve this process's effectiveness.

Wet Smoke Deposits

When the environment is moist, or water has become a factor in slowing the progression and heat of a fire, wet smoke damage results. Unlike dry smoke, sticky deposits are likely to smear and stain. Implementing necessary cleaning agents like detergents and chemicals to trap and lift soils to protect these impacted substrates from permanent damage is vital.

Grease Fires in the Kitchen

Protein residues are a challenging obstacle for restoration as well. Grease fire residues adhere to all available surfaces around the range where the fire originated, so wall surfaces, backsplash materials, cabinets, countertops, and flooring can all be impacted. Solvents dissolve grease deposits, working to restore and preserve the underlying material where replacement could be costly - like custom cabinets.

While all fires can be damaging and destructive to area homes, the methods of cleaning up after extinguishment change by the smoke type. Understanding the damage impacting your property helps get the right restoration approaches started as soon as possible. Give our SERVPRO of Rockingham and Augusta Counties fire restorers a call today at (540) 433-6100.