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Commercial Water Damage in Harrisonburg, Va

This commercial building in Harrisonburg, Virginia was damaged from a pipe that had burst from the main living quarters upstairs. The ceiling in this commercia... READ MORE

Commercial Storm Damage in Harrisonburg, VA

This business suffered from storm damage in Harrisonburg, Virginia that was caused by a pipe that had burst under a sink in the kitchen upstairs while the owner... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage in Harrisonburg, VA

Pictured above is a bathroom in the Gym at the Overlook apartments. Notice the water that has leaked from the ceiling into the walls. This happened in a cold sn... READ MORE

Commercial HVAC Mold

A malfunctioning Commercial Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) System in Harrisonburg, Virginia caused moisture problems resulting in mold growth... READ MORE

Pipe Burst Causing Water Damage

This water loss in a Harrisonburg apartment building was a result of a pipe bursting in January from a supply line to an outside shower at the pool facility. U... READ MORE

Harrisonburg, VA Apartment Water Damage

This apartment in Harrisonburg had a fire sprinkler that froze in a bad cold snap that caused a chain reaction of fire sprinklers to go off. Water damage occurr... READ MORE